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14 Reasons Why You Should Book A Boudoir Shoot

Ready to celebrate yourself? You don’t have to look like a model or know how to pose. Your session is all about embracing your body and having a new appreciation for yourself no matter your age or what you look like. Here are 14 reasons why you should book a boudoir shoot.

1.It’s a form of self care

You’ve probably read all about self care in magazines and seen routines shared online. Ditch the at home face masks and interruptions with the ultimate form of self care, self acceptance! You deserve to have a day where someone else pampers you. Get your hair and makeup done by an award-winning HMU artist all while drinking a glass of champagne. When the session is over, your photos serve as your reminder to take a moment for yourself.

2. You deserve to feel beautiful

It’s normal to have some doubts about your appearance. With boudoir, you have the freedom to experiment with your style. This is your day to be glammed up. Have a folder full of make up looks on your phone that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet? Or want to go all natural? A session will remind you of just how gorgeous you really are and let you see yourself from someone else’s lens.

3. Embrace aging!

This is one of the biggest objections when it comes to boudoir. No matter how old you are, boudoir is for any age! Whether you're turning 30 or 60, this is for everyone. Who says that you have to be young to feel beautiful? Change the way you feel about yourself by embracing who you are at this very moment and allow yourself to feel liberated.

4.Reclaim your body

Scars? Stretch marks? Gained weight or lost weight? Everyone’s body changes. So why not flaunt what you have? I work with all types of women and the best way to take fantastic photos is by having confidence and believing in yourself. A boudoir session is the great reminder that you’re perfect just the way you are. You’ll find new ways to love and appreciate your body and no matter what, you’ll be photographed in the most flattering way possible that captures your authentic self.

5. Need photos for your portfolio

If you’re a model, actress, singer or of any other profession, chances are, you’re probably already used to being behind the camera. Why not spice up your portfolio with something new? It’s the perfect addition to your portfolio, website or upcoming casting call..

6. You’ve never worn glamorous lingerie before

It’s more common than you think. Lingerie not your style? Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

7. It's a reason to go shopping

Treat yourself to a beautiful new set of lingerie! What about those heels you’ve been daydreaming about? Whatever you want to wear, get it! Even if you don’t have a vision in mind, we have you covered. With your shoot, you'll receive a complimentary wardrobe consultation and emails that will give you ideas on where to shop, what to look for and how to dress for your body type. We also have props and accessories like robes and angel wings that you can choose from.

8. Get dressed up

When’s the last time you tried on a new outfit and said “wow!” when you looked in the mirror? We all get tired of picking the same items from our closets everyday. This is the perfect opportunity to wear that new special thing you just got.

9.Reignite your relationship

Surprise your partner with an album full of photos and watch his face light up. Better yet, take some photos wearing his favorite shirt during your shoot. Let him see you in a way he never has before.

10. Or, celebrate being newly single

When’s a better time than right now? You’re fully independent and focusing on you, capture it! It makes a great gift for yourself and is sure to boost your self-esteem.

11. In the dating scene? Add new photos to your profile

We all scroll through our camera roll looking for the perfect photo to add. Look no further! Say goodbye to mirror photos, selfies in bad lighting and old group photos. Share your best self and stand out. Just be ready for all the new messages you’ll be receiving.

12. You don't have enough photos of yourself

When was the last time you had professional photos taken or even print photos of yourself? Maybe photos of yourself as a kid but what about what you look like right now? Capture yourself feeling and looking your best with photos that last a lifetime.

13. You're camera shy

If you're nervous, just say so! This session is all about you and making you feel comfortable. No need to feel like you have to be an expert at posing or feel intimidated. With a fully guided shoot, you’ll be able to find your best angles and gain new confidence that you can apply in both your personal and professional life. Consider it an investment in YOU!

14. It's fun

How often do you have a brand new experience? We’ve all checked out that new fancy restaurant and taken on new hobbies. Do something you’ve never thought you’d do before! With plenty of lighting, props and backdrops to choose from, you can take your session in any direction you want. It’s uniquely yours!

Whatever your reason, schedule your phone consultation today to book your boudoir session in my Miami Boudoir studio. I will walk you through the process, answer all your questions, we will discuss your vision, my pricing and all details which you want to know before making the decision.

In the meantime please join my women’s only private VIP group which is dedicated to empowering and uplifting each other. You can learn all about their sessions and ask all the questions you have.

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