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Customize Your Home With Stunning Wall Portraits

In the digital era, we take more pictures than ever before but most of them are lost to the digital graveyard. Usually, we don't even look at those pictures again after a month and they will simply be forgotten. We may no longer print every photo by default, but this can actually be a good thing for printing. It is now about quality rather than quantity, and the pictures we choose to print should be special and deserve the best treatment.

There has never been a better time to print than now, thanks to technological advances. Printing gives life to pictures, inspires us every day seeing them on the wall, and also gives a personal touch to our interior. We can see IKEA "wall arts" everywhere but there are people out there who value uniqueness and printing their own pictures can be the best choice for them.

More than that, in our day and time interior design has become a hot trend! Our spaces are more than just a place to sleep, they should reflect our lifestyle and personality. Custom wall portraits give just the right amount of charm and touch to a space that needs a little life and spice! For example, adding your custom portrait above your bed brings to life your incessant confidence and reminds you every single day that you are a gorgeous queen. However, you shouldn't ever feel limited to where you can hang your portraits. They easily match and look lovely in bathrooms, walk-closets, dressing rooms, etc.

We think it's hard to ignore a picture when it's mounted on our wall or if it's in a frame at our desk. There is something so special about holding a finished print in our hands that is infinitely most satisfying than seeing it on a screen. A printed photo is more than temporary pixels it's a memory that lives on and on.

View our slideshow below to get some ideas on how you could showcase your gorgeous portraits!

While this digital era facilitates instant connections, photo prints create timeless connections across generations, among childhood friends, and between yourself and a moment you've long since forgotten. Archival quality prints will last at least 100 years. How about your cell phone?

Join us in enjoying and appreciating art through commissioned custom wall portraits with Liberation Boudoir! Art Basel might be canceled this year, but we're still here and ready to help you enjoy your best moments in life through capturing gorgeous art. You!

Interested in learning more?

You can view our full gallery here to see more of our work or if you'd rather, you can fill out our form here to set up a time to speak about your very own custom boudoir shoot.

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